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Poutine Feast

Sponsoring Poutine Feast 2019

This Poutine Crawl Is Gonna Be EPIC!

Hundreds of thousands of people enjoyed our mobile network of food trucks and food trailers throughout 2018 as we celebrated the iconic Canadian dish, poutine! People came from all around to the nearest city to line up to get their favorite poutine from some of the most popular “poutiners” across Ontario.

During this time, some local businesses saw a huge spike in business as we attracted people from not only the city, but also surrounding areas. However, some restaurants saw a decrease of business when we came to town, so we decided to give back by creating a Poutine Crawl in April for many cities we intend to travel into this season.

We spent many hours on the phone, in front of the computer and in person talking to every restaurant with one or more poutines on their menu, with a quest to find the best poutine in each city. 

*Now here’s where you come in...* 

We are asking the people that came out to our festivals last year to come join us as official “Crawlers”. As a Crawler, your responsibility is to try as many poutines at as many participating restaurants as you can and rate those poutines.

You will be download an app to your smart device, see who is participating and head over to try their poutine. Most restaurants are offering exclusive offers to you. When you redeem the offer you will be prompt to fill out a small questionnaire and this will give an average score for that restaurant. The restaurant with the highest average at the end of the month will be awarded Best Poutine by Poutine Feast!


Q) How do I become a “Crawler”?

A) It’s as easy following this link:

All you need is an email address!

Q) What is in it for me?

A) As a “Crawler” you not only get exclusive offers at participating restaurants, but you also are entered into a draw to win free food, swag or even participating as a judge at the mobile events

Q) Is there a cost to be a “Crawler”?

A) Absolutely not! We encourage everyone you know to also sign up to become a “Crawler” 

Q) Am I expected to travel across Ontario to try them all?

A) No! However, should you travel across Ontario, our app will keep you posted on offers within your area.


Q) How do I become a Competing Restaurant?

A) You can contact us through and send an email, a package will be emailed to you with more information.

Q) When is the cut off to participate?

A) Our cut off date is March 15, 2019 for this year; however, it is never too early to sign up for 2020.

Q) How do your Crawlers know we are a participating restaurant?

A) Not only will we be advertising it on all our social media platforms, but we will also be publishing your information in our app.

Q) Can we get signage to show we are participating?

A) Yes! We have easy peel off stickers for both your window and your menus in addition we carry posters and table tents.

Q) Can we cross promote?

A) Yes, if you like to tag us #poutinefeast #50ShadesOfGravy we would be happy to share your Poutine pictures and comments.

Q) How many Crawlers are you expecting?

A) Every city will be different, however, we are expecting hundreds to thousands in the larger markets.